GuerillJah Productions is a label for independent reggae, dub and bassmusic from Berlin. The two bass-addicts and initiators of the label Hardy Digital and Longfingah are working together since 2009 to promote their own vibrantly style of reggae music. Beeing Independent and Free is an important ingredient to make the Music sound deep and downright. Working together with a whole heap of Producers and Artists from all over the world made their Sound become quite versatile. But the focus is from the begining on Digital Reggae, Heavy Bass and Dub Music with a vintage type of style. It´s the Sound from the 70ties and 80ties, the Sound of the early veterans which inspired GuerillJah Productions the most. The first project they have been involved was the recording of the debut EP of their band „Longfingah & Dub Engineers“ in 2010. In the meantime GuerillJah Productions released Longfingah´s album „Cityopian Spirit“ in 2011 and recently the „Old Monk Riddim“ Selection featuring various international artists, like Parly B and Wendy Wonder, to name a few. In the meantime there is much more on the bill, so better check the latest tunes. For the future many releases are already planned and plenty of riddims are waiting in the pipeline, ready to hit the dancefloors and soundsystems worldwide.

We are also available for Bookings. Just contact us on Facebook or write us a mail, if you want us to come to your town and mash up the venue. There are two Options: „Longfingah Meets Hardy Digital“ as a live Dub Soundsystem Set or backed by our Dub-Band „Longfingah & Sub Pressure Band“. Soon you will find more Infos here!


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